Crowns, Inlays and Onlays While You Wait

On the forefront of dental advances is the amazing CEREC technology we have in our office.

CEREC is an acronym for Charismatic Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.CEREC This high-tech equipment allows us to restore damaged teeth with beautiful custom ceramic restorations in a single visit, completely eliminating the need or multiple appointments over a several week period.

The process can create a ceramic crown, inlays, onlays or veneers using 3D photography, computer-aided design and manufacturing known as CAD/CAM. Using an intra-oral camera, a photograph is taken of the tooth and the picture is loaded onto the computer. Using Computer Aided Design technology, Dr. DeGregorio and her team design the restoration and transform the image into a three-dimensional model. Then the appropriate shape is calculated to size to create a near perfect restoration.

When the model is ready, a milling machine then creates the restoration using a high-speed diamond bur and calculated precision. The restoration is then bonded to the tooth using a special resin bonded cement. The result is a beautiful custom designed metal-free restoration, made to fit your mouth perfectly. Dr. DeGregorio and her team have mastered this technology through extensive educational and clinical training, and it has been adopted as a standard of care since she introduced the technology to her dental practice.