Patient Education

How Our Office Energy Is Balanced

The office energy has been balanced following the principles of BioGeometry. You can feel the calm and balance when you enter the door. In this video, Dr. Ibrahim Karim explains some of the basic concepts of BioGeometry.

You Put What in My Mouth? (“Evidence of Harm”)

The video trailer for “You Put What In My Mouth?,” a feature length film about the devastating effects of dental mercury on patients, staff and the environment. Dr. DeGregorio is one of the many holistic dentists who helped support the production of this film.

Dental Mercury's Toxic Journey into the Environment

This video was narrated by Robert Lamarck and produced as a collaborative effort between The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the website Mercury Exposure, and the film You Put What In My Mouth? (a documentary about the devastating effects of dental mercury on patients, staff and the environment)

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration:

This dramatic video from the University of Calgary illustrates how the smallest quantities of mercury can destroy growing nerve cells. Low doses of inhaled mercury vapors - such as those excreted from mercury amalgam fillings - can cause brain neuron degeneration.

ADA amalgam promotion V4 Boyd

Boyd Haley Ph.D. rebuttal specifically discussing mercury retention and the outcome on the brain.

Smoking Tooth Video:

Mercury gas is odorless, colorless, tasteless and toxic . It can only be seen under a black light. This video of mercury vapor out-gassing from a silver amalgam dental filling has outraged the world since it was first demonstrated at an IAOMT meeting.

Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy

A documentary film by Dr. David Kennedy regarding fluoridation of water.

We Are Advocates for Safer Dentistry

Biological Dentistry is not a separate, recognized, specialty of dentistry, but it is a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary healthcare.

We are a trusted academy of allied professionals providing scientific resources to support new levels of integrity and safety in healthcare.

The IAOMT is an accredited member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Global Mercury Partnership. IAOMT members have also been expert witnesses before Congress, FDA, state legislatures, Health Canada, and other government bodies. We support the effort to inform consumers about health risks from amalgam mercury and water fluoridation, and we support efforts toward eliminating these risks. We have testified before regulatory agencies about the environmental effects of dental mercury in wastewater, and we support regulations to separate mercury from the waste stream of dental offices.

Bio-Energetics and Dentistry - the Tooth-Body connection

The concept of a Mind-Body connection has been all over the news lately, but have you heard about the Tooth-Body connection?

If you’re familiar with Chinese medicine or acupuncture, then you probably know about meridians… the channels through which energy flows in the body. Each organ, gland and body structure has an associated meridian… including the teeth.

All the body structures on an individual meridian can be affected when energy flow through that meridian is altered or blocked. Energy flow can be altered in a meridian when an organ on that meridian is diseased or infected.

What does all this mean to you?

Well, if you have a bad tooth, the energy flow through the meridian belonging to that tooth will be altered. This in turn can affect the health of all the other organs on that meridian. For example, the upper right first molar tooth is on the same meridian with the liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach and breast. So, if this tooth has a problem, it may affect the health of your liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach or breast as well.

We will be happy refer you to a holistic health care provider in an effort to guide you on your journey to improved health. She works with a variety of practitioners in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Meridians, Health and the Relationship to Your Teeth

Every organ, and every part of your body, is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via meridians, or “energy highways.” This connection is so apparent that a biological dentist can often assess your overall health and wellness simply by reviewing your dental condition.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) Updates

Check out the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) website, which includes updated recommendations for the safe removal of amalgam fillings based on years of patient demand, scientific research, occupational safety requirements, and practical clinical development by dentists.